Our Priorities

Our reinvestment strategy began in 2016 with the goal of creating better in our buildings. We are now expanding that strategy to also focus on how we can intentionally make our residents’ lives better, more convenient, more productive and more meaningful. Our four investment priorities include:

  1. Infrastructure: optimally functioning environment
    We will continue to reinvest to nurture communities that are safe, current, operate effectively and functional optimally. 
  2. Appearance: a place of pride
    We will continue to reinvest in the aesthetics of our buildings, so they feel clean, welcoming, safe, calm and beautiful.
  3. Experience: how you’re made to feel
    We are investing in programs, amenities and innovations that elevate every interaction into an opportunity to do something unexpected, to surprise residents, to delight them and to make them feel appreciated. 
  4. Opportunity: supporting your wellbeing
    We are investing in programs and initiatives that support our residents’ dreams, passions and aspirations to help make their quality of life better and more meaningful.